Ghosts and Supernatural Hauntings. Descriptions of types of ghosts and real life stories!

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The creek of a door. The thump of a footstep. A breath on your

neck. You turn to look, but no one is there. Could it be... a ghost?

Today, I feel the urgent need to speak to you about one of the most

frightening and spine-chilling phenomena of all time. A subject that

has struck fear in people for centuries: ghosts and supernatural


Imagine this: You are all alone in your house. You hear strange

noises coming from above. Curious, you climb the stairs. The

noises get louder. You hear a tremendous BANG! as a door slams.

Your heart pounding, you open that door and peer inside. Chairs are

being flung around the room. The windows are opening and closing by

themselves. Menacing laughs can be heard above the racket. Then, as

quick as it all began, everything stops, including your heart. Everything

is still, not a noise can be heard.

Your mind is racing- searching for a

logical explanation.

What you have just experienced could very well be the haunting

of one of three basic types of ghosts: apparitions, poltergeists and

doppelgangers. These three types of ghosts are fairly similar, but each

have a few different characteristics. An apparition is a vision of a

deceased person. Apparitions are often sighted at the same place, at

the same time, doing the same thing. No two apparitions are ever quite

the same. Each has its own cause, origin and purpose. An apparition

does not usually make contact with living beings, and doesn't seem to

be aware of its surroundings. They are frozen in time, and to them,

everything is still the same as it was when they were alive. For

example: you might see an apparition making the actions of walking up

and down stairs, even though those same...