The ghosts of York, England

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I think that if you have ever been in York, you would say, that it is the most mysterious and haunted city in England and all over the world! Mystic atmosphere in York is everywhere, and also in old streets and walkways, where there is no sunlight. As you can see, it is a perfect place for ghosts and phantoms. There are thousands of stories about them. And some of them I want to present.

Surprisingly the oldest and best known ghosts of York are to be found in the cellar of a modern house. Many, many years ago there lived a teenager called Hurry Martindale. He worked in the cellar of one house. One day he suddenly heard a distant sound, repeated a few seconds later but much closer. He looked around and saw a horse's head emerge from wall of the cellar. Hurry saw the horse was carrying a rider.

Poor teenager was shocked, he dropped the hummer - he was using and sped to a far corner of the cellar, terrified by what he was seeing. Then the men on foot were following the rider. The men were grimy, unshaven and dressed in uniforms. Each wore a helmet and carried a spear or sword often both. They seemed to have no legs below their knees. Hurry reached the top of the cellar stairs before collapsing. His tale shocked his workmates. And I should confess that when I heard it I was shocked too! I would be surprised if you are not.

Much more terrifying story is the canine Barguist which roams the snickleways, the narrow alleys which snake between the streets and are often so narrow that two people have trouble in passing. The huge black dog with glowing red eyes which stalks this snickleways, is...