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The following lesson plan is written for a class of twenty-five students in the Ninth Grade. The class assignment is designed to attain objectives in Science, namely Human Anatomy and Physiology. Of the 25 students, 8 are immigrants. Five students come from Portugal, two come from Puerto Rico, and one very recently from Brazil. There are seven students who qualify for Individual Education Plans or 504 plans. Two of these students display behaviors that are characteristic of ADHD, three have different types of dyslexia including, reading, phonetics, and letter reversal. One student is deaf and one is non-ambulatory.

The analysis of special needs focuses on the student who recently emigrated from Brazil. The group-work activity that will take place during this lesson will increase relations between the minority and majority groups. Cultural diversity should not interfere with the lesson at hand, but, students of diverse cultures will be embraced by the majority groups as they begin to work collaboratively and, assist and depend on another.

The analysis of special needs of students with IEPs focuses on the student with hearing difficulties, the non-ambulatory student and the dyslexic students. Considerations to be made include, translation of instructions using American Sign Language for the Deaf. The hands-on, creative piece of the lesson, rather than reading and writing, will also focus on possible artistic strengths of the non-ambulatory and dyslexic students.

This lesson plan is designed to address the following professional content standard. Standard 1 of the Rhode Island content standards for Visual Arts states that "All students will engage in self or group expression by creating original or interpreting works of art. Every art form has a unique set of concepts, structures, media, tools and techniques. Students will be able to apply content-specific knowledge in the creation, interpretation and exhibition (or...