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Gianni Versace: Fashions Last Emperor: Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy in 1946. Versace formulated his fashion ideas at a very young age. His mother was a dressmaker and ran a clothing store to help support the family. Gianni worked with his mother until the age of 18. Working alongside his mother helped to bring his interest into the fashion industry. At the age of 25 he began freelance fashion designing. In 1978 Versace formed his own company. During the following year he released his premiere men swear collection. Versace's clothes were very successful, and his reputation grew, launching him an exciting career in the ever-developing fashion industry.

As a modern day designer, Versace is known worldwide. "Versace's work is both metaphoric opera and real clothing," wrote Richard Martin a critic on Versace's creations. It is true that Versace did indeed have a love for the theater and opera.

He was known to transform the exuberant costumes of the theater into wearable clothing of his collections.

Another reason for Gianni's wild success is that he knew the importance of marketing. "He loved celebrities and knew that they not only attracted the attention of the press, but they also helped to set trends" said Vogue magazine. Indeed this is correct, with actors and actresses such as Brad Pitt, Brittany Spears, Elizabeth Hurley, Tom Cruse and as well as almost every supermodel adorned in Versace's latest creations, there is a strong demand for the decadent art of this world leading fashion "emperor." During Versace's lifetime he won a number of awards for his work and achievements. These awards include the Occhion d'or Award for the best designer of fall/winter women's clothing, presented to him in Milan for the years 1982, 1984,1990 and 1991. The Cutty Sark awarded to him...