Gift Giving In Modern Society

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Gift Giving in modern society can be a good and bad thing. Sometimes gifts are given out of love from the heart. Other times they are given to feed an others greed. At times, the gift giver can be unfairly judged by the price or size of the gift. Gift Giving has also always been a part in showing power.

I believe that some gifts are given strait from the heart. These gifts are usually accepted with love and happiness. Some people give a gift like this to show their love and good wishes. I think that people also give this kind of gift strait from the heart to show friendship.

Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and other holidays are a time for celebration, joy, and gift giving. While the traditional gift giving started with good intentions, I think it has gone slightly awry. The counting of this years presents is as much as a Christmas Eve tradition as the traditional Christmas ham. The stocking keep getting bigger, and the wish lists longer.

Gift giving has always been about power. The bigger the gift you give the richer and powerful you are. Sometimes it is unfairly assumed that if you don't give rich gifts you are not a rich person. The power of gift giving, in my opinion, is not all bad. Giving a gift from a powerful standpoint can strengthen and bond friendships.

Gift giving in modern society can be swayed to the good and the bad. I think that in days past, gift giving meant a lot more that it does now. Today gifts are an expected part of life, not a special occasion.