The Gift of Life by Nirav Patel

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Accepting the diagnose of a disease can be a hardship for any person to cope with. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to control their disease with medication while other people are in desperate need of scarce organs to survive. Unfortunately, not enough people are willing to donate their organs. Our society must take organ donorship more seriously to ensure the health of our families and loved ones. Family members need to discuss their views on organ donorship with each other before their demise. In the future, the United States may impose a presumed consent law, which would reverse today's laws on voluntary donorship. Eventually, we citizens maybe considering financial compensation for organs as an option, indeed, as many foreign countries already have. There isn't a more selfless gift of love and life than the donation of an organ to someone in need. I fully support organ donorship, and I am certain if more people realized the importance of donating their organs, thousands of lives could be saved each year.

The shortage of organ donors available in our country is astronomical. "There are about 45,000 people in the United States awaiting transplants of various kinds. Even more cannot get on a waiting list because they are considered too old or unsuitable" (Alvarado 1). Some of these people will be lucky enough to get an organ within the first year; however, many of the people on the list will die due to the shortages of organs. As the number of people in need of organs grows, more and more on the waiting list will die (Chaplan 1891). Surely, there must be a way people can be convinced to donate organs so people in dire need of organs, can lead fairly normal lives. One single donor can provide organs and...