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The Gift of Sex Book Critique

Lourdes Valencia

Liberty University


This paper is the response for the book critique assignment based on The Gift of Sex - A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment by Clifford and Joy Penner as well as my response for each section in the book. The book is specially intended for married couples whether newlyweds or have been married for years. They explained how the sexuality is a gift from God despite all the different messages one receives from society, family, school or church that might be confusing and not biblically based information. The authors discussed the biblical perspective of sex, explained the anatomy of the bodies of male and female, the total sexual experience, the different sexual issues from lack of time, birth control, erectile dysfunction to pornography and other sexual addictions, then give tips to enhance the sexual experience inviting God to the relationship and building sexual passion as well as intimacy all this within the context of the marriage.

They do recommended couples that are encountering difficulties to seek professional help of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers and ministers, but they specifically recommend that helpers would be competent only if they were specifically train and experienced in doing sexual therapy. Throughout the book they share different exercises or techniques that will help couples to enhance their sexual experience and obtain greater sexual pleasure. (Word count 218) Key words: Sexual Fulfillment, Marriage

The Gift of Sex Book Critique

Biblical Perspective

In the Christian and Jew religion sex is a gift from God and this is based in the Bible's book of Genesis. The biblical purpose of marriage is versatile. He designed so one can procreate as per Gn. 1:28 God blessed...