Gift of a thousand worlds Part 10

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Lance had fixed up the shed pretty well. He only did the inside and messed up the outside so it would look like it would fall apart in seconds. Inside there was a bed for sleeping, a table and three chairs, and a small chargeable TV. The walls and roofs had boards nailed onto them to keep the shed from collapsing and some weird items were hung on the wall that Lance collected from a few dimensions. Life wasn't bad for Lance; he would make some things in the morning like carvings and stuff. During the afternoon, he would go to the cathedral to help take care of Sister Catherine, and at night Lance would go around town looking for interesting stuff, sometimes Elaine would come along.

Lance walked through the Friday crowd of people making his way towards the cathedral. He walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

The same nun that opened the door when Lance first came opened it once more with the same sad face.

"What is the matter?" Questioned Lance.

"Our Sister Catherine isn't doing well," she said in a somber tone, "I'm afraid she might…" and with that her voice started to crack.

Lance rushed upstairs, during the past few days he had grown attached to Sister Catherine and the last thing he needed was another death in his life. He pushed open the door and say Elaine still sitting by the side of the bed sad as Lance has ever seen her.

"Lance" came a very weak voice "is that you?"

"Yes Sister Catherine, its me" Lance said as he walked quietly towards the bed, dreading to see Sister Catherine's weakened self. As he stepped into view of the old lady, he gasped. Sister Catherine was so skinny and fragile...