Gift of a thousand worlds Part 4

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"How's the world" asked God.

"Peachy" replied Lance not wanting to see God again.

"This time I give you a choice" God said ignoring Lance's respond.

"What kind of choice" asked Lance getting excited.

"You have two choice's, one to go and be with you parents in heaven and leave Earth, or become a defender of all that I have created." God answered.

"Explain" asked Lance.

"The worlds that I have created needs someone to protect it in case of emergencies. You will be given all that you need." Explained God as he took out what looked like a watch.

Lance pondered the decision. He was old enough to know that in heaven it was perfect and he knew that perfection is the ultimate boredom, but he would finally be with his parents. On the other hand, the other offer was a chance to explore and discover, much more fun then being in heaven.

And if I accept, thought Lance, it would mean that even if I die I would be sent to heaven in the end.

"I have decided," said Lance and God handed him the watch and explained in detail what he needed to do.

"Lance, the watch allows you to get what ever you need. By talking to the watch it will follow your orders and allow you to do what no other person in the world can do. There's only one of that watch in the world so don't lose it. It can allow you to cross into other dimensions and change forms to blend in. You can experiment with it on one of the more remote or primitive dimensions. Good Luck".