Gift of a thousand worlds Part 5

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So Lance was then given back his body, which has strangely grown with his soul and wasn't rotting or had broken ribs and other broken body parts. He trained on a deserted island in a dimension with three suns and about ten planets. The planet was called Dorlang. The island was fairly small, but adequate. It had trees bearing sweet, dry fruits and surrounded by ocean. After a few weeks of training on the island, Lance decided that he liked the dragon form best and the broad sword. He liked the broad sword so much that it was strapped onto his back wherever he went.

The first few days of training were a bit freaky. When he transformed, he felt as if he was being coated by fast drying chocolate syrup. Then when he started to grow, he would always lose his balance and fall. But after a few tries, he fell less and less until he stopped falling entirely.

When he tried to form weapons, they just grew out of his hands and it felt so weird that he would command it to stop. Eventually he mastered both skills and just in time too because God had a job for him. It was fairly easy until Lance got to the planet.