Gift of a thousand worlds part3

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Over the next few years he followed and watched the kids at the orphanage grow up and be adopted. He even realized one day that he was also growing. He watched Clara welcome new orphans and remembered the day he first arrived at the orphanage. He watched Clara weep as one of the kids were adopted and remembered the day he died. He watched Clara until the day that she died. He tried hard to find a way to reach Clara or any of the kids at the orphanage. He was rewarded when he finally found a way to enter people's dreams. Soon he became a guardian angle to the orphanage. The day Clara died Lance wept again like the day that he, himself, died.

When Clara died and Lance was through mourning, he went to travel the world. He saw many wonderful creatures of Africa, he wondered the leafy world of the Amazon, and he walked the entire length of the Great Wall. He also watched many not so good things. He saw houses being smashed to shreds by hurricanes and tornados. He saw a year of harvest be washed away by floods. And all this time, God controlled it all.

One day when Lance was about 12 years old, God appeared to him again. This time it was serious business.