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GIFTED SHO YANO Did you know that a nine-year-old youngster is a college student? He is supposedly the youngest freshman in the state's history to attend a university. Sho Yano is attending Loyola University right here in Chicago. Sho Yano is a gifted child in many ways and they are the following: Yano's intelligence, his accomplishments, and my opinion toward Yano's geniuses.

Sho Yano is a very intelligent young boy. At the age of three, Sho began to read and write and then a year later he had mastered the skills of a first grader. Sho had an intellectual mind, which meant that whatever he observed he had the ability to learn it very quickly. Till today Sho continues to watch the world with a kind of fascination, which no child would know to do. And at the age of eight, Sho took an I.Q. test in which he scored an above average mark.

Over two hundred points, to be exact. He has also scored a 1500 out of 1600 on his SAT test. So as you can see Sho Yano is a very intelligent and gifted youngster.

Sho Yano has completed many accomplishments during the nine years of his life. And he will accomplish many more tasks in the near future. First of all, Sho has accomplished getting into a difficult university, such as Loyola, at the age of nine. At Loyola he is taking up some of the most challenging courses and he is acing each and every one of them. Second of all, Sho is a very talented young man. He is a skillful pianist and he is also a composer. He learned to progress into a pianist by his ability to observe and learn. So when he was about five-years-old, Sho kept observing his mother play the piano and he just learned like that. He developed into a fine composer because he can make up his own melodies and is an expert in that field. These accomplishments can lead a bright boy like Sho to many heights.

My opinion toward Sho's geniuses is that I am very proud that a nine-year-old boy right here in Chicago is attending a big university. Sho is very lucky to have such a height of intelligence and have a loving family to support him. Especially Sho's mother because she doesn't push her son to do better; she doesn't treat her other daughter with any difference. It seems to me that Sho is a very fun-loving modest young man who has a bright future ahead of him.

In conclusion, Sho Yano is a nine-year-old boy who is attending Loyola University. He's got an extraordinary jewel of a mind and he's a young boy trying to get through the difficulties of college life.