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III. Underlying structures (diagram pg. 80).

A) Vestibular bulbs 1. Along the vagina 2. fill w/ blood and cause vagina to lengthen and vulval to swell B) Bartholin's gland 1. w/in innner lips on each side of vaginal opening 2. they produce 1-2 drops of fluid just prior to orgasm, but doesn't provide lubrication.

*see page 84 for pelvic floor muscles IV. Internal Structures A) Vagina 1. opens between labia minora and extends toward small of back.

2. lined w/ mucosa 3. where baby goes after B) G-Spot 1. anterior or front wall of vagina between pubic bone and cervix.

2. very pleasureable. controversy as to existence.

* read about Douching pg. 87 C) Cervix 1. back of vagina at small end of uterus 2. in a pap smear cells are removed with a cervical brush. the cells are taken from the transition zone, the part of the cervix where long, coumn-shaped cells called columnar cells meet falt-shaped cells called squamous cells.

3. release about 450 eggs during lifetime 4. one egg released each cycle.

*hysterectomy pg. 92.

Male I. Penis A) Structures 1. root: portion that extends into pelvic cavity 2. shaft: external, elongated portion 3. glans: smooth, acorn-tip---> like darth vaders head 4. cavernous bodies (corpus spongiosum); 2 bodies, run through the lingth of penis 5. spongy bdy (corpus spongiosum) one body; below and parrallel to cavernaous bodies 6. crura: innermost tips of cavernous bodies at root of penis, connected to pubic bone.

7. bulb: at base of penis, spongy body expands to form the penile glans.

8. foreskin: (aka prpuce) loose covering over glans.

9. frenum: thin strip of skin runnin from glans to the shaft; on underside of penis (good if stimulated) 10. corona: rim or ridge that rises from the shaft. highly responsive to stimulus.

11. scrotum: loose sac of skin hanging under penis that holds the testes.

B) Two layers a. outer layer; darker than body skin b. tunica dartos; second layer, muscular c/ function is to proticet testes *pg 121.

III. Seminiferous tubules A. procuces and stores sperm b. production of sperm; spermatogenesis c. within testes d. thin and highly coiled e. leydig cells (interstitial cells) i. major source of androgens (hormones) ii. between seminiferous tubules IV. Vas deferens a. travels up through spematic cord b. cut during vasectomy c. route that the sperm travels: sem. tubes-->epididymis-->vas deferens-->urethra-->out!! VII. Seminal vesicles a. join w/ vas deferens to form ejaculatory ducts b. secretes an alkaline fluid (70% of ejac.) VII. Prostate glands a. size and shape fo walnuts b. located at base of bladder --ejac ducts and urethra pass through here c. produces secretions (30% of ejac) VIII. Cowper's glands (aka bulbourethral glands) a. one on each side of urethra. bleow prostate.

b. size fo pea c. secrets a little alkaline fluid when aroused (aka pre-cum) d. the scretion can carry HIV ---condom should go on early since secretion occurs before ejac.

Ch 6. arousal and response.

I. sexual arousal a. hormones pg. 142-47 b. brain 147-150 senses 150-154 aphrodisiacs 154-158 II. Sexual response A. Helen Kaplan's "3-stage" model (pg. 159 for model) 1. desire 2. excitement 3. orgasm *Kaplan includes "desire" .....Master & Johnsons do not B. Master & Johnsons 1. excitement 2. plateau 3. orgasm *pg. 159-167 4. resolution C. excitement phase 1. female response a. clitoris swell w/ blood b. labia majora flattens and seperate c. labia minora incr. in size d. color of vagina deepens e. lubrication occures (sweating) f. inner 2/3 of vagina expand and lengthen g. uterus elevates h. breasts swell i. sex flush 2. male response a. penis becomes erect--can occur and subside b. scrotum elevates c. testes incr. in size and elevate d. cowpers gland may produce secretion 3. reactions common to both a. increased myotonia (muscle tension) b. vasocongestion (body tissue engorge w/ blood) c. increased heart rt. and blood pressure d. sex flush on chest/breasts e. nipple erection (aka smuggling raisins) pg. 162 D. Plateau phase Female response a. clit w/draws under hood b. inc. color in labia minora c. orgasmic plateau develops in outer 1/3 of vagina-->vagina narrows d. areola become increasingly swollen e. tarting of uterus Male response a. erection incr. stable b. coronal shells and deepens in colors c. testes incr. in size and elevate d. cowper's gland becomes active reactions to both a. myotonia pronounced b. incr. heart rate and blood presuure c. breath become deeper and faster.

d. sex flush increasingly pronounced E. Orgasm phase Female response a. clit remains retracted b. orgasmic platform contract 3-15 times at .8 sec intervals c. uterus contracts Male response a. emission (aka ejac. inevitability) ---pooling of seminal fluid in urethral bulb b. expulsion ---semen expelled by contraction of urethra and muscle of base of penis.

Common a. involuntary muscle contraction b. highest level of blood press. and heart rt.

c. fast breathing d. sex flush e. .8 sec muscle contractions F. Resolution phase 1. male has refractory period: have to wait to have another orgasm; incr. w/ age.

2. some females may have multiple "O" skip 170-175