Gilgamesh's "The Flood" vs. Noahs Ark

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Comparing and contrasting

Noah's Ark and Gilgamesh's The Flood

In the stories of Noah's Ark and Gilgamesh's The Flood, there are many similarities and differences that can be taken from the stories. The two stories are passed down, told from two different religions. This could explain why there are so many differences in the two stories. The fact that these religions and cultures are similar in some ways, explain why these two stories are in some ways similar as well.

In both stories the major similarity would of course be that there was a flood, and, in each story God or the gods warn of the upcoming events and tell both Noah and Utnaphishtim to build an ark or a boat. This shows the mercifulness that the people saw in their God(s) at this time. Also, the men saved in both stories were chosen to be saved, because they were both righteous men.

In each story God or the gods feel bad about what he or they have done. He (they) regret destroying everything that they have created, and in Noah's Ark God makes a rainbow to remind himself never to destroy the earth with a flood again. Destruction and rebirth was the main theme in each story. The God(s) wiped out everything he (they) thought was "bad" on earth, and in the end a more pure Earth was formed. The dove, is another similarity in each story. Utnaphishtim and Noah both let a dove fly out to see if it would land. The dove in each story is symbolic of peace, and the calmness after the storm had ended. Lastly, at the end of each story, both men give offerings or sacrifices to the God(s) for their thankfulness.

As well as many similarities, there are also differences in these...