The Gillette Company is the world market leader in male

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The Gillette Company is the world market leader in male grooming products, including blades, razors and shaving preparations. The company is also a global leader in other consumer product categories, such as portable power and oral care businesses. In the 100 years since the company was founded, Gillette has gained, held and strengthened their leadership position through the company?s strategy of managing its businesses with a long-term global perspective. Gillette has been able to generate long-term profitable growth in changing global marketplaces through their various strengths. These include constantly increasing accumulation of scientific knowledge in core businesses, innovative products that represent technological advances and a massive manufacturing capability that produces billions of flawless products every year, reliably, efficiently and cost effectively.

Gillette manufacturing operations are conducted at 64 facilities in 27 countries, and products are distributed through wholesalers, retailers and agents in over 200 countries and territories.

Gillette Timeline ? 1901: Company founded in Boston by King C.


? 1903: Manufactures first safety razor.

? 1905: Sales office in London opened. Manufacturing plant in Paris.

? 1932: Gillette introduces its first blue blade.

? 1953: Introduces foaming shaving cream.

? 1960: Launches Right Guard deodorant aerosol.

? 1963: Patents coated stainless steel blade.

? 1967: Buys BRAUN AG.

? 1971: Introduces Trac II ? the world's first twin-bladed shaving system.

? 1973: Annual sales exceed $1 billion for the first time.

? 1984: Buys Oral-B (the US toothbrush manufacturer).

? 1987: Buys Waterman, the French pen manufacturer.

? 1990: Pan-Atlantic product launch of the Sensor shaving system.

? 1993: Buys Parker Pens.

? 1996: Merges with Duracell.

? 1998: Launches "Mach 3" triple bladed shaving system.

Current conditions in each of Gillette?s business segments Grooming Products Gillette is the clear market leader in this category. Gillette?s value shares of...