Gimpel The Fool

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Although Gimpel appeared to be a fool, he was really a wise person. He shows the kindness of man. Gimpel?s faith allowed him to deal with his misfortune. He showed he was a wise man by loving the children that were not his, being a believer in his religion and by not taking advice from the Devil.

Gimpel is the main character and the narrator of the story. Gimpel has the reputation for being a fool, who believes almost anything someone would tell him. An example of people making fun of him are "Gimpel, there is a fair in heaven; Gimpel, the rabbi gave birth to a calf in the seventh month; Gimpel, a cow flew over the roof and laid brass eggs. Gimpel, while you stand here scraping with your baker?s shovel the Messiah has come. The death heaven arisen. What do your mean? Gimpel said. I heard no one blowing the ram?s horn! The kid said.

Are you deaf? And all began to cry, we heard it, we heard! Gimpel, your father and mother have stood up from the grave. They are looking for you" (Singer 79). Gimpel marries Elka who cheats on him with his apprentice and others. She had several children which were not Gimple?s. Elka did not admit that the children were not his until she died. Gimpel is taunted by the devil to urinate in the towns bread to get back at all the people that called him a fool, which he ended up not doing. Gimpel then became a wandering storyteller and became one with the world.

Gimpel is wise for taking care of the children of his wife. Gimpel has reason to believe the children that his wife had were not his own. ?She refuses to let Gimpel sleep with her,