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Background"We are a totally customer driven company with a very simple mission- to make people feel good and look great. We also follow the latest in technology to manage our distribution system effectively and ensure prompt response to customers" Peter Lau, Chairman and Chief Executive of Giordano International Giordano, International Limited founded by Jimmy Lai in 1981 in Hong Kong, today is a leading International retailer of casual men's, women's and children's quality apparel, accessories and supplying products to third parties. Giordano currently employs more than 11,400 people worldwide and by focusing on five business values of quality, knowledge, innovation, service and simplicity (Q.K.I.S.S), it has expanded its operations to 2000 stores worldwide in 40 countries including China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The company is the most successful Asia-Pacific retailer and offers its products under the brands of "Giordano", "Giordano Concepts", "Giordano Junior" and "Giordano Ladies".

Giordano strives at all times to understand its customers' needs and endeavors to satisfy those needs through quality products at competitive prices and exceptional customer service.

Giordano's plan is to be the biggest and the most successful and appealing world brand in apparel retailing. Customer responsiveness, speed and simplicity are the key components which drive the entire operation of the Giordano system. With a strong emphasis on the customer service and value for money, Giordano has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors However, the question is whether the Giordano's competitive advantages are sustainable and what the company should do in developing its competitive advantage in the future.

Giordano position for the first 15 years of its operationsGiordano, International Limited initially focused on wholesale trade of high-margin products under the Giordano brand in Hong Kong. From 1983 onward, the company scaled back...