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The Giraffes' goal and objective is to be a market nicher and market leader when it comes to kids golf wear. With this regards Giraffe needed to position its self in the market and create a unique selling position. The company's product is positioned on the basis of its features and benefits, which are quality and uniqueness. The company targeted several benefits which are; to be effective, efficient and loyal as a result it concentrated on a segment that was not served well by existing competition. Assumptions were used for segmentation purposes: that this is a specific marketing appeal that will not connect equally well with all consumers in a market, the company will establish a very successful connection with the portion of the people in the market, than marginally connect with everyone, to be very successful with the portion of the market, Giraffe had to able to identify the customers, Giraffe has to understand the customer as companies that do understand their customer are preferred.

Other criteria used were that the segment is sizable to have increase in sales revenue, identifiable, reachable, respond differently, coherent, and stable (Loudon, D et al 2005:29). Segments 1 which the company is already targeting fitted the above criteria. There is a huge increase in the market, this has been shown by the increase in the golfing clubs/academies for kids' i.e. Border Junior Golf Foundation Gauteng Province (GP), little kids golf (GP), LAFEMME in Port Elizabeth etc. It is envisaged that the market will grow more as more kids have been showing interest in the game as this to them is fun, eliminates boredom and they are with peers. The industry is also booming as there is a drive to attracting kids and the minority groups in the game. This creates an opportunity for...