The girl in the Attic

Essay by Kerry_901 June 2005

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One morning a girl named Sally got up from bed. It was an ordinary old day. She ate breakfast, went to school, and then came home. She usually did her homework in the attic. So then she walked up the stairs to the attic. She walked in and there was a little table in the corner for Sally. She sat down and started her homework. She was fine until she felt someone breathing on her. Sally took her pencil and flung it back to see if anything was there. She turned around and there was nothing. Then she decided to go tell her mother. Sally's mom didn't really care. Sally went in her room and finished her homework there. The next day she did the same thing she did everyday. Today was not an ordinary old day for her when she came back from school. Sally started walking up the stairs to the attic.

She asked herself "What am I going to see, hear, or do today!?" Before she walked in she dropped her school books. She had a lot so it was hard to carry. She picked up a lot of them. There was one more. She bent down to pick it up but SNATCH!!!!!!!! A little girls hand took it right under the door. Sally was freaked out. She was shivering so much. She new her mom wouldn't care so she just went into her bedroom and finished. She thought to herself "What the heck is in MY attic!?" She wanted to find out. The next day is was the best day of her life. It was report card day at school and she got straight A's. She couldn't believe it! She NEVER ever got straight A's before. She went home. She didn't think of doing...