Girls are the Devil

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Most girls may seem harmless enough, some may even convince you that they are safe and cute, but this is a lie. An idealistic image pulled over our eyes by conniving hussies, to entice us into letting them steal our pride, our money, and our virginity. Girls are the devil, but often times we don't realize it until it is too late.

I recently dated an awesome girl. She was the nicest person you would ever meet and attractive as well. I really never heard her make fun of anybody, but when her eyes turned white, and she started mumbling things about stealing my soul, I began to question the innocence of this seeming guiltless girl. This would have been the appropriate time to end the relationship, but I thought I could stick it out. Therein lays my mistake. Soon after that, I found out she had been cheating on me, which was fine, I have almost come to expect that from the average female, but more had changed.

Her whole personality went out the window. Around others she was just average Mary Jane (real name won't be mentioned). But then when our friends weren't around the demon seemed to overtake her and suddenly I was laying face down in a bloody pile of emotional scarring and complete lack of self worth. So…. Time went on and I thought maybe it was just a temporary fit of insanity, and being the good Christian that I am made an effort to forgive her possibly try and become friends again. She seemed to feel the same way and everything seemed to be going swell, but it turned out that her hatred burned deeper than I imagined. She spent most of her time trying to pit my friends against me and saying things behind my back. What did I do? I was pretty sure that she cheated on me. I think that the only plausible answer for this is that she's a Satanist, and she wanted my soul. Luckily I think it got out of the whole mess with only a little scarring.

This isn't just one isolated situation. I have experienced similar things several different times. One girl that I wasn't even dating (who happened to be way younger than me) decided that her friends would think she was awesome if she kissed an 11th grader. She had a boyfriend so in an effort to maintain her innocence she told them that I had jumped on her and kissed her. I tend to have at least a little bit of self control, and if I was going to throw my reputation and self-respect to the wind, and molest someone, I wouldn't do it for a 9th grader. But honestly, normal people don't say things like that. The only possible grounds for something like that is complete evil. Which I believe is the essence of all females.

In conclusion I would like to reiterate that girls are the devil. Bobby Busche's mom was not lying.