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Girolamo CardanoGirolamo Cardano an accomplished medical doctor, writer, astrologer and a brilliant mathematician with algebraic work in probabilities. Girolamo Cardano also known by English dialect as Jerome Cardan was born in Pavia Italy, September 24, 1501. Father was an accomplished lawyer and an expert in mathematics. His father Fazio Cardano spoke about geometry at the university. It is reported that his mother may have tried to abort his birth sometime before Girolamo birth due to the plague that hit their town in Milan. She had moved from Milan, escaping the plague but her three other siblings had died due to the disease.

He started as his father's assistant, in his fathers' law practice and also learning mathematics. Leonardo Da Vinci had consulted with Girolamo and his father on problems of geometry. Later after he had learned mathematics he felt a need to further his education. Turning to the University of Pavia he entered his studies in 1520.

Studying Medicine and being regarded as a stellar pupil He studied and received his doctorate in 1525. Though his controversial and outspoken behavior left him dislike among the medical community.

After graduation his manners made it difficult to find work. During school he had gambled to see his way through and after continued to make wagers. Though notably he was very good at probabilities which gave an advantage to whom he was wagering against. Some-time later Girolamo was able to receive recognition for being a talented physician. His services were valued and honored through out the land.

Historians know his accomplishments in algebra the best in today's age. One of the first problems that Cardano encountered was that the cubic formula sometimes involved square roots of negative numbers, something unheard of at the time. He did the first calculations...