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When I was in high school, there was a girl who got pregnant. It was our sophomore year, and we were only 15. I never though that this could happen to anyone so young. She started to show toward the end of the year and everyone knew her at the "pregnant girl". She never came back the next year and no one really knew what happened to her. That girl was me. I can relate to the songs Stay and Sweet Sixteen by Destiny's Child, because they show the struggles and pressures of life as a teenage girl.

I look at these two songs and I can relate very much to my life. In today's society it is very common for teenager to been sexually involved. In the song Stay there is a young girl who is fighting with the choice of losing her virginity to her boyfriend.

She is afraid that he will leave her once he gets what he wants from her. She is asking him if he will stay with her no matter what happens. When a girl is with a guy for as long as a year, it adds a lot of pressure on them to make the relationship more. It is very hard and wrong that someone so young has to deal with these pressures. In the song Sweet Sixteen There is a girl maybe a little bit older than the first, who runs away with a guy and gets pregnant. She fell in love with this guy and didn't want to listen to what anyone else had to say about her relationship. She never stops to think if this guy is going to leave her or not. Then she gets pregnant, she is scared and now she had nowhere...