The Giver

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The Giver takes place in a small Community where everybody is color blind because of the law of sameness. It was around December near the ceremony in which every twelve year old receives a life assignment from the elders. I think the author chose this setting because this Community is not like a regular community and I think she wanted to make a weird setting and it makes it more interesting if it's a different kind of setting.

The main characters in The Giver are Jonas, Fiona, Lily, mother, and father. The most important character is Jonas because he's in the whole book and the story is about him. Jonas is very brave. He's brave because he let the giver give him the memories with pain and he had to feel the pain everywhere he went. He was nervous when the giver was going to give him the memories because he didn't know what kind of memory he was going to give him.

Jonas is friendly because he has a lot of friends and he's not mean. He's risk taking because he didn't know what kind of pain he was going to feel in the memories. I think Jonas is believable because he's like a normal person and he has friends like other kids. I kind of feel sorry for Jonas because he lives in a Community where nobody can see in color because of the law of sameness.

Jonas' goal is to get the memories from the giver and to be able to keep them and to see in color. This is a goal for Jonas because Jonas has became the receiver and has to keep the memories that the giver has given him until he is old and has decided that he wants to give it to another...