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The GiverThe Giver is a novel about a futuristic society, where the government controls the minds of the people that are living in the society. The government decides everything for the people of the society. No one makes choices for theirself because they were told what everyone can and cannot do. "We've never completely mastered sameness. I suppose the genetic scientists are still hard at work trying to work the kinks out." (p. 95). Fifty new children are allowed in the society each year. If more then fifity babies are born they will release the smaller babies.

In a utopian society, such as The Giver, the government controls the people by programming their minds.

The families in The Giver are an example of the controlled society. Each family is limited to one boy and one girl. Marriage is never mentioned, the things adults have in common pair them up by computer.

The adults receive a spouse if they apply for one, and it could be a while til they receive one that matches. All of the families have an evening telling of feelings and telling of dreams. The families did this so there were no secrets. No blood relatives exist. When babies are born, they are given to a family unit. "Jonas watched as one after another each new child was given a name and handed to a family unit." (p. 43).

Education in the society is also limited. The society only learns what they want them to know. No one knows anything of the past in the society except the Giver and Jonas.

Everyone else only have one generation memories. They go to school, but most of what they learn isn't true. In the society, precise language was closely monitered. If the children accidently said something...