The Giver

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Although there is crime, poverty, and homelessness beyond the gates of Jonas's utopian society, the society is not worth giving up the freedom of choice. Jonas should leave the society for many reasons, including the saving of a life, having feelings, and most of all, having choices. Although a perfect society sounds good, having no poverty, crime, homelessness, or pain, it is even better to have color, music, feelings, emotions, and love beyond the gates of a utopia. Jonas should leave the utopia to save Gabriel from being released from the community to show the baby how much better the outside world is, including celebration. There are many more reasons for Jonas to leave, although these are the most important.

No one should live without choice, freedom, feelings, or control over ones life. Having control over your life can make life totally different, you can either do what you want to an extent, or you can be ruled forever by not making your own choice.

Having feelings can make life all the different, you can do things without having fun and not knowing it, or you can play games with having fun and actually realizing it. Having celebrations can make life more exciting by doing something that is worth a congratulation and actually getting congratulated and having a celebration for someone to make a person feel more better with what they accomplished. Doing something and not having a feeling about, control over, or having an opinion of, just isn't right.

Most people will realize why escapiing from a perfect society is actually worth it after hearing facts from true sources. Most people would give up anything for the saving of a life, feelings, holidays, or celebration, but some would stay in a perfect society with no poverty, crime or homelessness. Although people in the real world have to live with jealousy and hatred with one and other, but they have the freedom and choice to do so. If you were to combine both a utopian society with the real world, it might just make the perfect world, although if you had to pick between one of the two, go with escape.