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The Giver essay I am writing this essay on the book called The Giver. Jonas makes a statement "If everything's the same color, then there aren't any choices," I think that this is very true because, I make choices by myself everyday and I don't even realize it. I choose what color clothes I wear, I make sure that I match, and also choice the color clothes that I buy.

If I could not see in colors I think that it would be pretty boring and a lot of the clothes would look like uniforms. We would only see in shades of black and white and that would really stink because thinking how we see now, but if we only saw in shades of black and white we would not know about all these other colors.

Everything in life would be different, right now I am typing this and I see all sorts of little colorful pictures, the T.V.

would be like it was back in the day, and in sports the teams normally would have there own team colors, they would really know one another and have symbols instead of colors.

The colors today we take for granted we wouldn't even believe what it would be like because we see it so often. Imagine if you couldn't see colors and all of a sudden you saw the red of an apple or the green of the grass, what do you think it would be like? I couldn't even begin to think of it because I see colors way to often.

I have wrote what it would be like if we couldn't see colors and what some things would be different, but just think about the first time you...