The Giver Essay - Film vs. Novel

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Rikki Romana October 2nd, 2014

The Giver Essay - Film vs. Novel

On August 15, 2014, the science fiction film "The Giver" based on the novel with the same name, was released in movie theatres worldwide more than 20 years after the original novel has been published. I have watched the movie and I thought it was pretty decent, though there were many differences between the film and the novel that I didn't enjoy. In the film there was very limited storytelling time, many parts of the plot and details in the film were very different from the well written novel, and in the novel I got to be more imaginative by picturing things in my head than watching the actual characters and details on a screen like the film. In my opinion, I believe the novel "The Giver" is better than the film adaptation because I enjoyed reading the novel very much that I was very disappointed that they took out many parts and details I enjoyed from the novel.

First, I believe that the novel is better than the movie because there was very limited storytelling time. I thought the original novel story was very well written, but in the movie there was very limited storytelling time because the creator of the film had to cut down the story into a 1 ½ hour movie. This caused the reason why the plot was sped up. An example of this sped up moment was when Jonas was selected as the Receiver of Memory in the December Ceremonies. In the novel it took about 9 chapters to introduce Jonas' assignment, but in the movie it took only a couple of minutes for it to introduce that Jonas was going to be the Receiver of Memory. Also,