"The Giver" by Lois Lowry - Summary

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"The Giver", a stupendous novel by Lois Lowry is complimented for its provocative outline. Jonas, a twelve year old boy, lives in a perfect community where all decisions are carefully made by the Elders. The utopian community lives their lives all in an orderly fashion where everything is the same. Jonas is chosen to be the new Receiver at the time of the job distribution for he was "seeing beyond." In the Annex room, Jonas and the Giver transmit memories that are both painful and joyous. Gabriel, a Newchild that Jonas' father nurtures has not met the standards and is about to be released.

The father brings him home and lets him sleep in Jonas' room. Jonas finds that he can transmit good and peaceful memories to the child so Gabriel can sleep well. Soon enough, Jonas learns that release is inserting a needle called syringe which contains life-threatening contents that can kill a person.

When Jonas could not endure the pain of the memories and longs for independence, he runs away with Gabriel. In the end, Jonas saves the community by letting the memories flow back into the community. Lois Lowry has penned an outstanding novel that allows readers to create their own ending.