The Givers

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"The superheroes who are capable of everlasting love, and who master in all things sentimental."

Each one of us has a prevailing energy that drives our souls in everything we do. Human beings are all different from one another, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We have different ambitions, goals, and charisma. The enneagram has categorized nine personality types, and I happen to be the giver. Givers give more than they receive, hence why they are called givers. People like myself who are categorized into the giver personality type happen to care more about others than they do for themselves, give and receive an abundant amount of love, and get attached too easily.

One of the greatest strengths they have, are their tremendously big hearts. They tend to put others in front of themselves. I've witnessed this myself. I always put the people I love before I put myself. My motto is only a life lived for others, is a life lived worthwhile.

However, sometimes givers get taken advantage of due to the fact that they put others first. I've experienced an ample amount of pain in my lifetime, for example I've lost friends, been lied to, and been hurt one too many times. I think the reasoning behind this is because I cared too much about others than I did for myself.

Another dominant strength givers possess is their capability of wholehearted and infinite love. One thing givers don't lack at all is love. They give and receive much love throughout their lifetime. Whoever receives the love of a giver, is a lucky one indeed. Even when they're in the face of immense trials and obstacles, they don't forget to love. Love defines our lives. At the end of the day, love is all that matters to us. The most...