Givhan, Robin. "Spring Buds." The Washington Post 16 September 2005, C01. Editorial Evaluation on Fashion.

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Robin Givhan pointed out in "Spring Buds" that the 2006 spring-summer collections of the veteran fashion-week designers could not compare to the fresh compilations by the younger generation of new designers. She also describes the media frenzy surrounding celebrities when they arrive at big-name shows such as Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, and Marc Jacobs. The "lesser" designers, Plokhov, Sarafpour, Gueron, Chung, who are still building the foundations of their business are the ones who put out the most compelling clothes for the spring season. "Plokhov may draw form the look of vintage attire, but it is only a starting point; he is not beholden to the past. A coat may be lackadaisically tossed over a pair of narrow trousers, but it fits perfectly in the shoulders. An oversize shirt may hang form below the hem of a jacket but that jacket has been painstakingly crafted." [p. 2] Then Givhan turned to the "gods" of couture.

She points out that both Rodriguez and Kors have hardly done anything with their collections to distinguish them from previous seasons but to put a "new" spin on a worn-out "signature."

I agree with Robin Givhan in that the new designers who have just become exposed to the full fashion realm are still fresh and full of unique flair. Although Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and many others are such premier names that reflect classic, timeless style, their shows are becoming media traps filled to the brim with over-dramatic style divas just prancing around looking for a few more moments of the spotlight. For example, when Claire Danes arrived at the Narciso Rodriguez show she stood for a moment wearing a half-smirk as the photographers clicked away. Once she sat down the reporters approached, then her "handler/publicist/stylist" announced: Claire isn't...