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Glacier National Park A glacier is a large body of ice that is moving. Since a glacier moves or flows downhill it can be called a river of ice. Two things are needed for a glacier to form - lots of snow and a cold climate so the snow accumulates for many winters without entirely melting in the summer.

Glacier National Park was formed millions of years ago, when global warming wasn't a thought. Glaciers are formed because; freshly fallen snow has a lot of air space in the flakes. Later as the snow settles the edges get pressed together and broken off. The snow pieces become smoother and rounder. As more snow falls and it piles higher, the weight of the upper snow presses down on the lower snow. Most of the air gets squeezed out of the snow mass. This is like making a snowball into an ice ball by squeezing.

The snowflakes become rounded crystals of ice. Water can fill the remaining air spaces and refreeze, forming still larger ice crystals. After many years of this process millions of interlocking ice crystals are formed and join into a solid mass of ice, a glacier. The ice body eventually begins to flow downhill under the tug of gravity This was how the Glaciers in Glacier national Park were formed. Throughout the years, The snow pack has built up, and many layers still exist. Although the Glaciers exist today, scientists think the glaciers will be completely gone, do to global warming, in the next ten years.

Glacier National Park is a truly beautiful place, and because we, as humans choose, to pollute the air, and destroy the ozone layer, Glacier national park can no longer be remembered by it's great glaciers, that took millions of years to create.

Glacier National Park has had a tremendous affect on humans. With abundant wildlife, sky scraping mountains, and pristine creeks, Glacier National Park, has left many in awe.