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Theme: ?What we do in life echoes in eternity?? This line, recited by Maximus, generally sums up the theme of Gladiator. The cliché, ?love conquers all,? is evident throughout this Oscar-winning Best Picture. Throughout the movie, there are flash forwards to Maximus? afterlife in Elysium. A reoccurring theme is found between Maximus and his companion whenever they speak of Maximus? slain family. ? You will see them again?but not yet.? The love Maximus has for his family is what drives him to conquer Commidous and restore Rome to the people. In addition, ?good conquers evil? fits just as effectively, since ultimately, Maximus defeats the evil Commidous.

Plot: Gladiator was filmed in chronological order, from the death of Marcus Aurelius to the death of his son and Maximus. I feel the plot of this film was amazing and definitely deserved Best Picture last year. My three favorite scenes where major contributors to the overall storyline.

First, when Marcus Aurelius gives the throne to Maximus, a foreshadowing is set over the movie. It was obvious to me that Commidous would do everything in his power to foresee that he took the power of Caesar. ?There is a dream that was Rome?[I wish] to give power back to the people of Rome and end the corruption that has crippled it.? This was the last wish of a dying emperor and when Maximus promises to grant this wish, he sets the tone for the movie. Secondly, I feel that the scene between Maximus and his slave driver, Proximo, is important because it explains Maximus? personal need to be set free. Proximo, who was once a gladiator and was freed by Marcus Aurelius, explains to Maximus that he must ?win the crowd and [he] will win [his] freedom.? Finally, I feel one...