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In 73 B.C a gladiator started a revolt in Italy, which involved 70,000 slaves. Maximus was the one who was the leader of this revolt. Maximus became a slave, who had to fight in he gladiator games. Eventually he was in the coliseum fighting fir his life. Maximus also won the crowds heart as he killed each victim. he earned his great skill from wars before. Maximus was the greatest general in all of Rome.

A Gladiator named Maxiums Gluruas, general of the Northern armies, wanted his freedom when he had been captured to fight for people for entertainment. After 5 years of being a slave one of his fellow man found him and told him that his army was located in Astua and ready to die for him. Maximus was brought into slavery by a guy called Commodus, the empire's son. Commodus didn't like Maximus, Because his father Marcus crleus had loved him more and wanted Maximus to be the empire.

Maximus can to slavery and became a gladiator who won the crowd's heart by killing each victim. His fights were in the coliseum (Built by the Romans).

In Italy there was a revolt. The biggest slave revolt in the history of Rome. Maximus, leader of this revolt, goals were to get his freedom and take down Commodus. To set his goals or to get them ready for action he organized a group of 70,000 slaves and attacked Rome. Maximus was captured when he was in the revolt and he had to fight Commodus had a poisonous blade which would make Commodus fight easy.

Italy taking in slaves and killing them for entertainment. The Roman's hired lower class people to get slaves for out of the desert or go buy slaves from other places...