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In the 1st century AD, the Romans invaded many villages near the Roman provinces in Western Europe. The Romans believed these people were uncivilized and called them "barbarians" meaning they were different from the Romans. If the Romans didn't kill these "barbarians" in battle, then they take them to the city of Rome and sell them. The prisoners would be chained by the neck and walk hundreds of miles to get to the city of Rome. Many of the weaker prisoners die along the way. Most likely these prisoners would be sold to rich Romans who would send them to school to become Gladiators. However, prisoners were not the only ones who became Gladiators. Slaves, criminals, and Romans that have falling into debt also can become Gladiators.

Once you are inside the Gladiator training school, the doors are locked and you are not allowed to leave or escape. A lanista or "butcher" who is old gladiator whose fighting days are over will train you.

A gladiator in training has to lift weights everyday and practices with wooden swords until they can be trusted with real swords, and if they didn't practice hard enough, they would get whipped. There are many different staff members in the Gladiator school. The trainer will train you to become a Gladiator. The guards make sure the pupils inside the school do not escape. The accountant is there to pay the staff members. A doctor is there to patch up the wounded Gladiators. The armourer will make sure the weapons are sharp and ready to use. The cook will prepare food for the pupils and staff, and the mortician is the one who buries all the dead Gladiators.

There are many different kinds of Gladiators, but your owner will pick to train you as...