A Glance at the Internet

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The Internet is a net work of networks that anyone can access. It was first used by researchers at colleges and universities to communicate with the United States government. In 1989, the World Wide Web began as a project by physics researchers in Switzerland to dictribute research results over the Internet to other physicists. Today, the Internet is used of the general public.

The two elements, part of the technology of the Web, include the client and the server. The client gets information from the server by means of a transaction. The client makes a connection to the appropiate server over the Internet and sends a request for a resource from the server. The server then sends the requested resource back to the client, and the client breaks the connection with the server.

Browsers, software that enables your to access the resource in the Web may include Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mosaic, or Lynx and others.

The request is sent in the form of a Uniform resource Locator. The URLs are strings of characters that determine which of the thousands of servers to connect to and which resource on that server to find. After the server locates the resource, it then sends back the information to the client and the information can be displayed for the purpose of working with the information, printing or saving the information to be used at a later time. The documents sent be the server to the client are written in a language called HTML. Hyper Text Markup Language is designed to transmit documents that can contain different media formats in the same documents: text, graphics, movies, sounds, and hypertext links to other documents.

The Web uses a writing technology called hypertext. Hypertext uses links called hyperlinks that allows the client to access additional resources...