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Tatiana Quiasua

Dr. Brown

English 095-14

April 30, 2013


William Shakespeare have been say "A friend is one that knows you as you have been, accepts what you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow". Friendship is when two people spend time together or write to one another, tell each other secrets, fears, and worries, trust one another, help one another, and forgive one another. Friendship is one of the amazing things that life has; it is something which one should never lose. Also is about respect, affection, and providing comfort in times of crisis. Also real friendship is telling something that they need to hear but no always what would like to hear.

The racial difference becomes more pronounced when the walls move to welch. There, the expectation is that the races will remain separate. Though segregation is no longer legal, public facilities, like the swimming pool, maintain defect separation.

The African-americans arrive during the morning when there is no entrance fee while white people swim during the afternoon when the fee is charged. Jeannette develops a friendship with Dinitia, a black girl, which causes trouble with her grandmother Erma and her Uncle Stanley. Jeannette defends her position that the races are not different from each other which greatly upsets her grandmother.

Jeannette's first day of fifth grade goes from bad to worse when a group of girls, led by a young African-American girl, Dinitia Hewitt, beat up Jeannette at recess. From that day the bullying becomes part of Jeannette daily life. After those horrible days of Jeannette's life one day when Jeannette was walking through the park, she sees a little African-America boy being chased by a dog, so she scares the dog off and gives the child Piggy-back ride back to his home without knowing that was Dinitia's brother. Dinitia witnesses this rare act of interracial kindness and decides to be friend with Jeannette. Jeannette and Dinitia become friends since then, and no matter what they been through they still been friends, and letting the racist behind that her grandmother Erma tried to make her believe, they become friends.

The relationship between Jeannette and Dinita is a good definition of Friendship because they both accepts what they had been, accepts what they had become, they spend time together tell each other secrets, fears, and worries, trust one another, help one another, and specially forgive one another. Also when Denitia and Jeannette become friends they respect each other, and proved comfort in times of crisis, they always tried to be for each other no matter what. And that's what makes a real friendship should be.

This friendship show me that a real friends exists, that you can trust people, and you should accept people how they are, no how they look like or if they are from other color or culture, because you never know what they been through. You can't judge people without know them.