"The Glass Managerie"

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While searching for an easy way out for this Honors English book report, I wanted to find the shortest book possible. So I ended up with a book that came to be the most beautiful play I have ever encountered. This delicate play is ,"The Glass Managerie", by Tennessee Williams. The book report assignment actually took longer than any other honors book that would have three times as many pages as this one. This was because I was intrigue to see the actual play on video, which was beautifully played out with actress Karen Allen as Laura, and actor John Malkovich as Tom. Tennessee Williams makes all his characters memorable.

The story is really short, since it*s a play and takes place only in one room. Only through what the characters say can you find yourself leaving the room. There are three main characters, and only one minor character that comes in the last scenes.

Tom Wingfield is the narrator and is a very troubled man. He is Amanda*s son, and their relationship is tense, in which the two bicker back and forth in most of the play. He is a poetic man, who works at a shoe company . He is burden with the responsibility of supporting his lonely mother and disabled older sister. He feeds his dreams of real life adventures by going to the movies and reading books. Amanda Wingfield is a overprotecting but nagging mother of Tom and Amanda. She grew up as a Southern Belle, and longs for her past romantic life with her many gentleman admires, which she tells stories of. She was deserted br her husband, and uses her children as a way to comfort her loneliness. Amanda is very determined to find a husband for Amanda, but first she has to get...