A Glimpse of a true "Toy Story" The Mattel Legacy.

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From a side project of creating dollhouse furniture from picture frame scraps, to the world's biggest toy company, Mattel is indeed the international icon and toy standards guiding force. From the introduction of Barbie back in 1959 to the most sought after toy of a decade, yep I am talking about the cute, bright red furry, big yellow nosed, laughing, jiggling, wiggling, I own 3, can't love him enough, super record breaking top selling Tickle Me Elmo. Mattel's success through the years can be credited to exceptional employee/employer relations, creative and unique innovations, and of course a plethora of toys, toys, toys!!

When I use the term "brand equity" -- one I personally can identify with because it's very expressive, even though imprecise -- I am referring mainly to Mattel's historical impacts and family values icons. Barbie has changed very little over the years, just like Mattel's superior community efforts, safety standards policies and commitment to its consumers input.

After much review and research I conclude that their are 3 major steps that need to be addressed when explaining how Mattel built up their brand equity.

Step 1 Revolutionizing marketing techniques to Mattel was as natural as M-I-C-K-E-Y--M-O-U-S-E. Television created the platform and opened the gate to the world of Mass Marketing. Mattel not only displayed products via the Mickey Mouse Club, they implemented the most effective style of target marketing that's still in use today.

Step 2 Newsworthiness, Likeability, Trade Support, Mattel nailed these basic marketing functions with one mighty swift and well let's just say it was a doll of a deal. Barbie Doll that is. Creative, bold, and completely original. Now that Barbie had captured the hearts of little girls everywhere and captured the attention of potential investors, Mattel simply needed to focus on expanding. Money,