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The D Company Final Presentation.

The D Company is a camera manufacturing company started 13 years ago by three young entrepreneurs. The head office of the company is located in San Jose California and has three manufacturing facilities at Seattle for USA, Canada and Latin America, Frankfurt for Europe and Africa and Taiwan for Asia Pacific.

Mission, Goals and Objectives:

The Mission of the company is to produce world-class cameras marketed all over the world, produced at most optimum cost using best manufacturing practices, giving value for money to its customers and maximizing yield for its investors.

The Strategic Goals of the company are:

1. To be among first five camera producers in a decade.

2. To manufacture world-class cameras with a P/Q ratio of at least 4 stars.

3. To maximize financial performance of the company as reflected by a good Earning Per Share (EPS), Return on Investments (ROI), Steady stock prices and a high credit rating.

The competitive strategy

It revolves around decisions pertaining to Research and Development, Component Usage, Manufacturing high performance cameras, wide Breadth of product line, Operations, work force compensation, Outsourcing, Pricing, Sales marketing and Finance decisions.

Functional Strategies:

Following functional strategies were deployed:

1. Product Design: For the product design we made decisions pertaining to Core components such as Image Resolution, Lens, and Memory. For Brand specific components we concentrated on Imaging, The shape and type of camera body, the software used and Accessories provided for both the entry level as well as multifeatured camera. We decided to provide 3 special features in entry-level camera and six special features in multifeatured camera. We introduced 2 models for entry-level camera and one model for multifeatured camera. Various Product design decisions are tabulated in table number 1.

2. Marketing Strategy: For marketing we decided for a...