Glo Fish Research

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Glo Fish Research


In the following paper you will be reading about research preformed on specific species of fish. The Zebra Danio and "GloFish." The basic experiment that we want to run is behavior differences between the two breeds. There are multiple fish tanks around the room that we can collect data from so we will utilize the tanks with the best variety for our results. We do not want to disrupt the data in anyway by incorporating different fish than the ones in our experiment. In each tank there is a portion on either side with a mirror facing the fish; we call this the "reflection area." We want to observe these fish for a given period of time in this reflection area. The time we have allowed ourselves to observe the fish will be 5 minutes. We observed the fish in 6 different tanks which may or may not have been beneficial for our research.

Each of the group members ran 3 different sets of trials, and we collaborated our efforts for our final results. As we put together our data and results we came to the conclusion that our finding may be inconclusive due to variability. The way in which we collected the data may have been confused. Our findings were unable to prove right or wrong in concurrence with our hypothesis.


The GloFish is an interesting specimen, but yet a very simple creature. It is the first genetically modified animals that Americans can take home as pets (Choi & Nash, 2004). The fish were created by scientists at the National University of Singapore as a simple alternative to complicated pollutant-testing systems. Fluorescent genes are extracted from jellyfish and then injected into Zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. Zebra fish are native to the Ganges River in...