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IMPORTANCE OF ADVERTISING IN GLOBAL MARKETING"Advertising is a paid, mediated form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action, now or in the future" Advertising is a vital part of every successful business regardless of whether its print media, TV media or outdoor media. Advertising is a way companies can communicate to consumers; to inform, remind, reinforce, build and sell.

With the world shrinking, it's a level playing field out there and more companies are going global. It's important for global advertisers to stand out, to identify themselves and to gain awareness. On a global playing field, the rules are different and there are so many factors and players to take note of. Advertising is one powerful tool for global companies to communicate their unique selling proposition and sell their image to consumers. Many a times, consumers might have certain misconceptions about a global brand based on factors such as country of origin and advertising is one method to properly communicate the brand image to public.

Advertising can help global companies position themselves and inform people on what they stand for, build awareness, constantly remind people about the presence of the brand, change image in peoples' eyes, react to competition and entice others to try/buy the product.

TV MEDIA - FUNNY ADSThe advertisements that are most memorable are the funny ones. However, a good joke does not necessarily make a good commercial. Being relevant to the product is also an important factor. Humor is believed to be the weapon in gaining attention, engagement and a positive affect towards the brand. It is known for cutting the audience's resistance to advertisements. As a result, the viewer accepts the sale message with a laugh. Surveys state that people responds to humor more than to...