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A Global Aerospace Company

Wiley's process for alignment of company strategy into project execution is based somewhat on a "trickle" down approach. Corporate mission, vision and strategy are determined at the senior management level and relayed down to Program Managers who implement it in their project teams and execution. According to Wiley, once management has identified a strategy that reflects an accurate assessment of its current and future position- particularly the current and future actions of its competitors - a strategy that is in agreement with the organization's core competencies, its inherent skills and resources- management must translate these strategies into overarching goals that unites the organization in some common purpose. An organization can achieve its goals through the formation of a structural design. Included in the structural design must be the outline of an organization's system. The system includes all the formal policies and procedures which coordinate and control the activities of an organization's subcomponents.

The executive level has the major responsibility for alignment. In larger companies

Global Aerospace uses a continuous review cycle where strategy is woven throughout the corporate structure. Strategy is originally decided at the senior level but it is based on input from the project and execution level on what their strengths and weaknesses are and where capabilities lie. As strategy decisions flow down from the senior management, PM's relay the feedback/results from the project leads and execution teams back up to the senior level to provide a constant cycle of review of the strategy and how it fits into the organization. Strategy is considered a two part endeavor with the strategic model and then the tactical implementation of the strategy. Basically, what the strategy is and what actual activities (tactical) will be embrace this strategy. The process flow chart used in Global Aerospace's case...