Global and Domestic Marketing.

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There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when working with global and domestic markets. Technology plays a major role in domestic and global marketing. Business meetings can be held in a US office and confer with someone in Tokyo. This can be done by conference calling, video transmissions and other state of the art technology. Since the scare of 9/11 business are leery of sending business partner across the nation when the same results can be processed through technology. Companies such as AOL outsource their help from India and you think you speaking to someone here in the United States. They do this because labor is cheap and jobs are limited. BBC is another communications service that has quadrupled since the attack of 911. This company provides conference calls for Businesses across the nation. A customer will contact the company and give them the information needed to conduct such a meeting.

A BBC representative acts a mediator and contacts all parties involved by issuing a conference code and a time the conference meeting will be held. The mediator acts as a go between for all involved. They are even able to block out any noises that might disrupt the call.

The social aspect of global and domestic marketing is that companies should be held accountable for its actions that affect people, their communities and their environment. When building a new business in an unfamiliar area the business should take into consideration of how this building will impact local citizens. In the early 1990' Toyota announced they would be building a new automobile plant in George, Kentucky. The locals were excited but also anxious. The plant would add approximately 3,500 jobs but the locals did not want any outsiders breaking up their tightly knit community. Toyota worked...