How global beliefs have impacs on the world

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Global beliefs have a significant impact on personal attitudes and outlook on the world. Global beliefs are an individual's attitude towards life. Particular environments and backgrounds mold the beliefs as a person matures through life. Global beliefs include life is, I am, people are.

Life is a world full of experiences. Each and everyday, life throws an abundance of obstacles for one to overcome. Are all of these obstacles going to be easy? Of course not, in some cases the situation takes years to overcome. One's attitude and motivation causes the experience to be a positive or negative one. One can either take these experiences headfirst or sit on the sofa hoping it will blow over. Which choice will you make?

I am a young girl who lives life with passion. I live my life with the attitude that I want to experience all the opportunities the world has to offer.

From sunrise to sunset, I make the best out of my situations. I am open to learning and experiencing new and exciting situations. I am ready to take full advantage of the endless opportunities.

People are very unique and diverse. Different music, religions, fashions, languages, and personalities make the people of the world remarkable. Not one person in the world is exactly the same as another. Every individual has that one special characteristic which makes himself unique. The different backgrounds and environments people live in contribute to their attitudes and beliefs as they mature. Through life, all these points of view develop into personal attitudes, which make people diverse.

What are your global beliefs? Do you have any? Do you live by them? An individual might not consciously notice personal global beliefs, but in reality each day is lived by those sentiments. Are you living life...