Global Branding Strategy

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Nowadays, there are millions of consumers worldwide. There is a huge amount of products from diverse suppliers, from different countries, with different packing designs and names. But on the inside those products are more or less similar. Which one to choose is the question? Most people would pick the one which they either tried before or the one which they heard about. As a result some products are selling better, than the other ones. The effectiveness of marketing depends not only on the rational usage of marketing tools, but on the accordance of the product to a certain market, how well it fits to the market demand. Bringing this product to the market of consumers and creating not only a short-term, but a long-term consumer preference to a given brand among the competitors is an important task of marketing.

Brand is an impression about a product in the minds of consumers, the label, which is associated with a given product.

The process of creating a brand and manipulating it is called branding. Basically, branding is all about the image of the product.

A system of brands and branding-marketing started to develop since the middle of the nineteenth century. Branding developed in different countries, but the main contribution was made by the Great Britain and the USA. We will view the history of branding in the USA as an example.

The brands appeared in 1870 as an alternative to a huge amount of products with a doubtful reputation and low quality, which flooded the US. At that time in America, as almost everywhere in the world, the factories produced a faceless production - soap, lamps etc, which didn't have a name and were bought by bulk buyers for retail selling (Yamin 2003 p604) .

Holt in his book branding icons...