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The rational of choosing China as the first country to expand our business overseas is because pet accessories has been highly successful in the United States. The need for pet accessories is expanding into the world market where people are affectionate towards their animals, and China is now starting to develop a love for keeping and nurturing domestic animals. Pet Accessories has China at the top of its list of countries to expand its customer base because China's pet population has grown by a remarkable 20% in five years (Zhuang, 2005). China is a growing pet market. There are many small companies but no major national companies. None of the current companies offer the advantage of online forums.

China is currently a hot spot for new businesses. The economy is flourishing and many global businesses are targeting this ancient land for future investments. Due to China's huge market, rapid economic growth, low labor cost and its improving investment environment.

It is estimated that over 450 of the world's top multinational organizations have invested into China. The current world scene has an effect on the local economies and therefore the success of an international launch. China is situated within economically the Asian region which is stabilizing economically and becoming one of the most powerful economies in the world. These countries are banding together to provide trade priorities and tariff free communities. These trade agreements are edging countries like the United States out of the sought after emerging markets. China is providing training and funding to help underperforming markets produce goods and wealth.

Even though China is proud of its communist heritage and believe that Western ways were the down fall of the Russian economy China among many other Asian countries are beginning to see the advantages of an open market where...