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IntroductionWe wish to investigate the viability of opening a new resort in Mexico. In order to do this it is important to first do a detail analysis of the country we wish to move in to, as well as acknowledge both the pros and cons in taking on such an endeavor. In this paper we will define what country we wish to expand a business in, as well as give a brief description of the organization. To do this we will first analyze the current global environment, which includes discussions of global current events in areas such as politics, economics, finance, as well as terrorism, and social, health and environmental issues. We will then analyze regional and country information in the same areas.

Next, we will give a brief description of our organization and conduct a needs assessment for the services we wish to bring to the new country.

We will also discuss the mission statement for the new company, and clarify its meaning.

The paper will also cover the risks involved in doing business globally. These risks include political risk, legal and regulatory risk, exchange and repatriation risk, competitive risk, taxation and double taxation, market risk, distribution/supply chain risks, and physical environmental risks. A SWOTT analysis will also be discussed, with information on control and evaluation, and a contingency plan. Other areas that will be covered include Human Resource information, working environment, technological forces, and resource and development.

The last part of the paper will deal with the budget and financial overview, as well as a 5-year income statement forecast. It will also include a discussion of our exit strategy, in case the venture does not pay-off within 5-years.

Global Current Events AnalysisThere are many global events that already have made, or could potentially make, a huge impact...