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Final Global Business Plan

Regional Analysis

In the past, politics mainly covered national governments. Today they take on more of a global practice as the world is globalized. This is done through political integration cooperation's, such as European Union and through intergovernmental organizations like the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. By using the sources that have been formed allow companies to expand into foreign destinations.

Of all of the countries in the world at this time, the two strongest regions are North America and Asia. These two areas are strong in intellect and income. Japan is a country known for its high technology and savvy business approach, which is how Target Stores likes to see itself.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation between the regional government of Japan, the Government of the United States of America and most of the Asian world includes an alliance that enforces several objectives.

The doctrine and policy of this alliance includes global treatment of things such as barriers to trade, transferring the movements of goods and services through other territories, an also encourages equal competition in the free trade area. The alliance should help increase investment opportunities and provide a safe and effective safeguard to the Japan culture.

The economics of opening a store in Japan are the benefits it would offer, not only through jobs for the local population but the offering of a wide range of products for the Japanese population. There are a many that are in need of jobs in Japan. Even high school students would be able to work at Target. Opening a Target store in Japan would not only help the growth of the Japanese economy, it would also help the countries involved in the alliance to be able to trade products less expensively and all the...