Global Communications Benchmarking

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Global Communications is a telecommunications company that is experiencing a decrease in market share and stock value. The current trend is due to increased competition within the industry. Competitors have entered the market offering cutting edge technology at more affordable prices. In an attempt to mitigate these issues, Global Communications has decided to implement a globalization strategy that requires downsizing the company's current union staffed domestic call centers, and outsourcing labor to foreign countries. The following analysis is a comparative synopsis of various companies who faced similar problems and how they resolved them; also incorporated is the use of academic concepts to support the solutions to those problems.

Organizational CommunicationEffective organizational communication is essential to any organization because it fulfills employee information needs, and improves decision making abilities (McShane & Gilnow, 2005). In the case of Global Communications, mistakes were made regarding the channel though which the information was communicated, and the timing of the communication.

One of the most critical components of communication is choosing the proper channel (McShane & Gilnow, 2005). Successful organizational changes are always preceded by effective communication. In the process of communicating the change to the employees and the union representatives, care must be taken to inform those affected by verbal communication in order to convey the reasons and emotion behind the decision. Written communication is a poor choice when emotions or motivations need to be conveyed.

One of the most common conduits of rumors and organizational chatter is the grapevine (McShane & Gilnow, 2005). In the case of Global Communications, several key figures within the union learned of the strategy via the grapevine. Because grapevine communication has a high potential for distortion, companies must ensure that key decisions and strategies are communicated formally and precisely before the information can be passed through...