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Global Communications (GC) is a telecommunications company with a decreasing market share and stock value. Too much competition in the industry is a problem. Competitors have infiltrated the market, offering progressive technology at affordable prices. In an attempt to mitigate these issues, Global Communications has decided to implement a bilateral strategy that requires downsizing the company's current union-staffed domestic call centers by outsourcing labor to foreign countries and realizes growth through the introduction of new services. An analysis of various companies, using academic concepts, in a comparative synopsis will show similar problems and the solutions to those problems to assist in solving Global Communications' dilemma. General Electric (GE) restructured their divisions to increase profits, by slashing their engineering workforce. GE implemented a Six Sigma program to help them do this. Meijer outsources to stay competitive with Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco Wholesales. Dow Chemical cuts cost to be competitive and drive their profit margins upward, by implementing a six-step program.

Honeywell found an opportunity to improve their strategic, operational, and financial advantages. Seventh Generation incorporated various competitor practices to get feedback for stakeholders and stay competitive. BioShield Paint uses consumer awareness to help grow their company.

Company ProfilesGeneral Electric - Yates. The history of General Electric Company (GE) is a significant part of the history of technology in the United States. General Electric, which ranked fifth in the Fortune 500 in 2003, becomes even more evident through the revelation that each of the company's 11 operating units, if listed separately, would qualify as a Fortune 500 company. GE operates in more than 100 countries and generates approximately 45% of the company's revenue outside the United States (General Electric, 2008).

In 1992, reflective of restructuring efforts in other GE divisions, the company accomplished profit growth by slashing its engineering workforce from...